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[Spinal deformity in Parkinson's disease: a treatment proposal]

P Sutter, Thomas Forster & Fabrice Alexander Külling

abstract Spinal deformities in Parkinson's disease are difficult to treat but with good indications, spinal surgery is a better treatment option taking into account all factors that accompany Parkinson's disease. Despite greater operational time and cost expenditure with a long rehabilitation period, long stretch segmental fusion is preferable to short stretch segment fusion due to the lower revision rate. An adequate postoperative rehabilitation and good patient care is essential for success. This case illustrates successful treatment of a patient with Parkinson's disease and camptocormia by long stretch segmental fusion.
citation Sutter P, Forster T, Külling F A. [Spinal deformity in Parkinson's disease: a treatment proposal]. Unfallchirurg 2013; 116:955-9.
type journal paper/review (English)
date of publishing 5-10-2013
journal title Unfallchirurg (116/10)
ISSN electronic 1433-044X
pages 955-9
PubMed 23052707
DOI 10.1007/s00113-012-2271-3
contact Vilijam Zdravkovic