Kantonsspital St.Gallen


Mira Bartz Batliner, Carina Hutz, Riana Peischl, Andrea Rubbert Roth & Clelia Sasselli

abstract A two-year, phase III randomized, double-blind, parallel- group, placebo- controlled trial to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and tolerability of 300 mg s.c. secukinumab versus placebo in combination with SoC therapy in patients with active lupus nephritis
type of project clinical studies
status ongoing - recruiting phase
start of project 2020
end of project 2022
study design A pivotal, randomized, double- blind, placebo controlled trial evaluating at week 52 the efficacy and safety of secukinumbab versus placebo in subjects with active LN also receiving background SoC regimen. Long- term efficacy, saftey and tolerability will be collected up to 2 years.
responsible person Prof. Andrea Rubbert-Roth