Kantonsspital St.Gallen

Profiling of quitting trajectories during smoking cessation attempt (SMOKEPROFILE-Study)

Florent Baty, Martin Brutsche, Maximilian Bösch & Susanne Pohle

Kurzfassung The study hypothesis is twofold. First, we hypothesize that investigating daily tobacco consumption of smokers attempting to quit can be used to characterize clinically relevant quitting trajectories which can be used to predict quitting success. Our second hypothesis states that a mindfulness-based intervention can increase smokers’ awareness in their smoking habit, which should increase their motivation to quit smoking. In this context, the aim of the project is to establish a new routine procedure in our smoking cessation counseling and assess its feasibility and efficacy. We would like to introduce a daily monitoring of the participant’s tobacco consumption using a self-reported diary app. Each participant fills out a simple questionnaire electronically on a daily basis regarding his/her tobacco consumption. Information on daily smoking consumption should provide sufficiently detailed data to detect more precise smoking/quitting trajectories and assess their predictive value in terms of quitting success.
Art des Forschungsprojektes Grundlagenforschung
Status Laufend - Rekrutierungsphase
Projektstart 2021
Projektende 2023
Projektleiter Florent Baty