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A Research Study Investigating Semaglutide in People With Early Alzheimer's Disease (EVOKE) This study is done to find out whether semaglutide has a positive effect on early Alzheimer's disease. Participants will either get semaglutide or placebo - which treatment participants get is decided by an equal chance. The study will last for up ...
SWISS-AF Control Group
Contemporary findings from the ongoing Swiss-AF cohort study (2’415 patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) enrolled, 1’760 patients with available brain imaging) showed that patients with AF have a high burden of cerebral infarcts and other brain lesions on systematic brain MRI screening associated with a quite significant decline in ...
Immune-modulatory radiotherapy to enhance the effects of...
Evaluation einer immunmodulatorischen neoadjuvanten Radiotherapie in verschiedenen Dosen nach neoadjuvanter Chemotherapie mit Cisplatin und Docetaxel bei Patienten mit operablem, lokal fortgeschrittenem (Stadium IIIA) Nicht-Kleinzelligen Bronchialkarzinom
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