Kantonsspital St.Gallen

Effectiveness of a multidimensional mobile app intervention "WOMAN-PRO III" to reduce postsurgical symptom induced distress in patients with vulvar neoplasia: A mixed methods project

B Senn, René Hornung, B Kipp, T Gyr, S Ott & W Lux


This mixed methods project aims to examine the effectiveness of a multidimensional mobile app intervention (“WOMAN-PRO III”) focusing on possible improvements with the use of the new mobile app intervention (intervention group) compared to standardized care (control group). Effectiveness will be examined with respect to symptom induced distress, uncertainty and cost effectiveness in women with vulvar neoplasia after surgical treatment across time.

The objective of the qualitative sub-study is to assess women's perceived uncertainty and the acceptability, usability, strengths and weaknesses of the mobile app intervention (“WOMAN-PRO III”) from patients' and gynaecology-oncology nurses' perspective.
type of project fundamental research
status automatically closed
start of project 2018
end of project 2020
project manager Prof. Dr. phil. Beate Senn