Kantonsspital St.Gallen

CardioOnco - Diagnosing Preclinical Cardiac Dysfunction in Adult Childhood Cancer Survivors ‒ The CardioOnco study

Irene Schneider


We aim to:
1. Assess preclinical cardiac dysfunction longitudinally using 2-dimensional (2D) and 3-dimensional (3D) conventional and 2D speckle tracking echocardiography.
2. Assess cardiopulmonary fitness using cardiopulmonary exercise testing.
3. Determine the association between cardiac dysfunction and treatment-related risk factors (anthracyclines, alkylating agents, steroids, cardiac radiation) and modifiable cardiovascular risk factors (abdominal obesity, hypertension, physical activity, smoking).
4. Study the association between cardiac dysfunction and other self-reported health Outcomes.

Primary Outcomes:
- Abnormal left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) by 2D and 3D conventional echocardiography
 - Abnormal global longitudinal strain (GLS) by 2D speckle tracking echocardiography
 -Abnormal peak oxygen uptake (peak VO2) by CPET
type of project clinical studies
status ongoing - recruiting phase
start of project 2021
end of project 2026
study design Prospective multicentre cohort study in german speaking Switzerland
responsible person Dr. Eva Scheler