Kantonsspital St.Gallen

Stressbewältigung und Teamstärkung durch Achtsamkeit: Mindfulness Based Intervention

Iris Müller Käser, Marc Schlaeppi & André Fringer

abstract Background
Reforms within the health care system subject the entire working conditions, in particular physician- or nurse-patient relation, to the principles of cost-effectiveness with consecutively increasing time pressure. As consequence, stress reaction and burn-out appear significantly more often in medical staff with cardinal sequelae to the whole system and entire society. Therefore, stress reducing, as well as resilience supporting tools are warranted.
The aim of the intended study is to evaluate the practicability, effectiveness and sustainability of a concentrated stress reduction training program (modified according to MBSR, J. Kabat-Zinn) regarding stress reduction, quality of life, team communication and team atmosphere within the scope of inter-professional co-working teams (physicians, nurses, social workers a.o.) of three clinical departments (oncology, surgery and obstetrics) at the KantonsSpital St.Gallen (Switzerland).
Within a time period of four weeks a concise training program for mind-fullness (modified according to J. Kabat-Zinn) will be provided intending to train medical staff of three clinical departments (oncology, surgery and obstetrics) for stress reduction. Posed before the training an information and introduction meeting will take place. The course includes four regular course dates and one whole-day retreat date after the third course event. In addition, the participants intend to formally practice mind-fullness daily during this period of time. In application of scientific validated and established questionnaires will be registered before the first, after the last course date, and in addition three months consecutive to the course intervention (sustainability).
Benefit (Hypothesis): The participant will observe an increase of mind-fullness in daily routine while quality of life, team communication as well as team atmosphere will significantly improve.
type of project clinical studies
status completed
start of project 2017
end of project 2020
responsible person Dr med Iris Müller-Käser