Kantonsspital St.Gallen

Dissecting the association of anti-microbiota antibodies and auto-reactive T-cells in cardiomyopathy– an exploratory research Project

Micha T. Maeder, Susanne Vetsch & Burkhard Ludewig

abstract Prospective research project in which biological material is sampled from humans and health-related personal data is collected (HFV Art 6).
To generate further scientific evidence for a potential role of crossreactive antimicrobial T and B cell responses in patients with heart failure.
i) Determine the levels of anti-heart proteins - and anti-microbiota specific antibodies in serum of patients with newly diagnosed heart failure of non-ischemic origin, patients with active or recent myocarditits/perimyocarditis and controls.
ii) Determine the abundance of heart-reactive and crossreactive antimicrobial effector T cells in PBMCs from patients with heart failure, myocarditis/perimyocarditis and controls.
iii) Determine if the HLA-DQB1*03:01 molecule is linked to the development of cardiac autoimmunity and heart failure
project partner Klinik für Kardiologie KSSG
type of project clinical studies
status completed
start of project 2018
end of project 2021
study design Sampling of biological material and collection of health-related personal data with single center project set-up.
Blood samples will be obtained from patients that fulfill the inclusion criteria, HLA will by typified and antimicrobial crossreactive T and B cell responses will be assessed in the Institute of Immunobiology,
Kantonsspital St. Gallen
responsible person Prof. Dr. Burkhard Ludewig