Kantonsspital St.Gallen

STENTYS Sizing Registry

Daniel Weilenmann & Irene Schneider

abstract The STENTYS Sizing Registry is a multinational post-marketing surveillance registry designed to evaluate large scale safety and reliability of the STENTYS Stents use in routine, worldwide daily practice.
This internet-based registry will enroll 5000 patient from over 100 sites and will represent the largest self-expandable coronary stent registry available to date. In particular, the registry will allow large-scale collection of data in varying anatomies (tapered vessels, aneurysms, ectatic vessels) where there is uncertainty about sizing the stent that will fit properly. Clinical follow-ups are not required but data may be recorded as available.
type of project clinical studies
status aborted
start of project 2012
end of project 2019
study design multinational post-marketing surveillance registry
responsible person Dr.Daniel Weilenmann