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[EAPM 2022] Psychotraumatology in Gynaecological Medicine

Dagmar Schmid, René Hornung, Roger Schmidt, Monika Krolak, Gloria Nobel, Nicolas Germann, Michelle Schönenberger & Katja Hämmerli Keller


Trauma and psychological symptoms are very relevant in medical specialties. Despite progress in recent years, their clinical care is still inadequate. The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of traumatic life experiences and current psychological stress on doctor-patient interactions in gynaecological screening consultations.

We interviewed 200 gynaecological outpatients prospectively, in a somatic hospital (tertiary hospital with 700 beds). Before the examination, the current psychological stress as well as current and previous traumas were recorded by questionnaire. After the consultation, the quality of the doctor-patient interaction was assessed. In addition, relevant influencing factors such as training status and subjective relevance of the topic were recorded on doctors’ side.

Current psychological distress (HADS, FDS-20, ISI) was significantly higher in patients with previous and/or current trauma (CTQ, IES-R) than in patients without trauma. The good quality of patient-doctor interaction (PRA-D) from the patients' perspective did not differ between patients with versus without trauma. The more years doctors have been in profession, the better the doctor-patient interaction was. Doctors were also able to recognise traumatisation as well as psychological stress in a screening consultation.

Previous as well as current traumatisation was reflected in a clinically relevant increase in psychological distress among gynaecological patients. Previous teaching in psychosomatic and communication skills had a significant impact on identifying those aspects in patients.
Schlagwörter (Tags) Psychosomatik; Frauenheilkunde; Gynäkologie; Traumatisierung; Arzt-Patienten-Interaktion
Zitation Schmid D ; Hornung R ; Schmidt R ; Krolak M ; Nobel G ; Germann N ; Schönenberger M ; Hämmerli Keller K: [EAPM 2022] Psychotraumatology in Gynaecological Medicine. In : -, 2022.- Poster presented at the EAPM conference 2022.- Vienna, Austria, S. 1
Projekt Psychotraumatologie in der somatischen Medizin - Vorsorgesprechstunde Frauenklinik
Typ Konferenzpapier/Poster (Englisch)
Name der Konferenz Poster presented at the EAPM conference 2022 (Vienna, Austria)
Datum der Konferenz 9-6-2022
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