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Acute appendicitis with the presence of peristalsis seen in ultrasound

Vignes Mohan, Pjeter Laska, Angelina Meier & Bruno Minotti

Kurzfassung A 27-year-old male patient presented in the emergency department (ED) with right acute abdominal pain, tenderness of the abdominal wall, and abdominal guarding. With suspicion of acute appendicitis, we performed bedside sonography. A blind-ending tubular structure, originating from the base of cecum with the presence of an intraluminal calcified “stone,” with the presence of clear peristalsis was seen. Whether this structure represented the appendix or the small bowel, it was not distinguishable sonographically. A consequent surgical consultation indicated a computer tomography scan, and the finding showed acute appendicitis with appendicolith. An inflamed appendix of 15 cm in length was seen laparoscopically and consequently an appendectomy was performed. The histology confirmed a putrid, ulcero-phlegmonous, and hemorrhagic appendicitis with appendicolith. Postoperatively, the patient made a good recovery without complications. The absence of peristalsis is a well-known criterion for diagnosing acute appendicitis. However, we have shown here, that this should be taken into account with caution, as in rare cases such as this appendicitis can be present with peristalsis.
Schlagwörter (Tags) Acute appendicitis, emergency department, peristalsis, ultrasound
Zitation Mohan V, Laska P, Meier A, Minotti B. Acute appendicitis with the presence of peristalsis seen in ultrasound. Journal of medical ultrasound 2021; ahead of print:.
Typ Wissenschaftlicher Artikel/Review (Englisch)
Veröffentlichungsdatum 6-7-2021
Titel der Zeitschrift Journal of medical ultrasound (ahead of print/ahead of print)
Link https://www.jmuonline.org/preprintarticle.asp?id=320794
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