Kantonsspital St.Gallen

[Weight loss and night sweats with unexpected tumor localization]

C Oberholzer, M Sawatzki & Christian Rothermundt

abstract A 52-year-old patient presented himself with weight loss and night sweats. Laboratory analyses revealed a high sedimentation rate, elevated immunoglobulines and anaemia with sludge phenomenon. Differential diagnoses included Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoma. Having a risk constellation for HIV infection and just having recovered from oral thrush also made this diagnosis possible. Urinary analysis and chest x-ray were normal; however, CT-scan detected renal cell cancer with pulmonary metastases. Renal cell cancer is heterogeneous in presentation, symptoms are unspecific, therefore they are often discovered late when they have already metastasized. Paraneoplastic syndromes, e.g. hypercalcaemia or hypertension are not infrequent in renal cell cancer.
citation Oberholzer C, Sawatzki M, Rothermundt C. [Weight loss and night sweats with unexpected tumor localization]. Praxis 2007; 96:1911-4.
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date of publishing 28-11-2007
journal title Praxis (96/48)
ISSN print 1661-8157
pages 1911-4
PubMed 18072582