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Primary cutaneous aspergillosis in a preterm neonate

Bjarte Rogdo, Christian R. Kahlert, Pierre Diener & John Micallef

abstract Primary cutaneous aspergillosis (PCA) is a rare fungal infection in premature infants. Extreme prematurity, immature immune system, therapy with broad-spectrum antibiotics and systemic steroids, as well as hyperglycaemia and a vulnerable and very thin epidermal layer are considered risk factors in this patient population. We present a premature male infant born at 24(+3) weeks of gestation with PCA, successfully treated with amphotericin and surgical curettage of the ulcerating skin lesions. Complete resolution of the lesions was achieved and scarring was barely visible at later follow-up.
citation Rogdo B, Kahlert C R, diener p, Micallef J. Primary cutaneous aspergillosis in a preterm neonate. BMJ Case Rep 2014; 2014:.
type journal paper/review (English)
date of publishing 01-09-2014
journal title BMJ Case Rep (2014)
ISSN electronic 1757-790X
PubMed 25178889
DOI 10.1136/bcr-2014-204752