Kantonsspital St.Gallen

Iktale Asystolie

Jochen Vehoff, Dominique Flügel & Barbara Tettenborn

abstract We report a case of a patient with recently diagnosed focal epilepsy. During long-term EEG recording, an event of ictal asystole could be recorded. We discuss this rare event in terms of prevalence, aetiology and implications for treatment.
keywords Epilespie, Asystolie, SUDEP
citation Vehoff J, Flügel D, Tettenborn B. Iktale Asystolie. Schweiz Med Forum. 2010; 2010:194-195.
type journal paper/review (Deutsch)
date of publishing 10-3-2010
journal title Schweiz Med Forum. (2010/A10(10))
publisher EMH Schweizerischer Ärzteverlag AG (Basel, Schweiz)
pages 194-195
link http://www.medicalforum.ch/pdf/pdf_d/2010/2010-10/2010-10-211.PDF
contact Jochen Vehoff