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Update Breast Cancer 2020 Part 3 - Early Breast Cancer

Jens Huober, Andreas Schneeweiss, Andreas D Hartkopf, Volkmar Müller, Michael P Lux, Wolfgang Janni, Johannes Ettl, Erik Belleville, Marc Thill, Peter A Fasching, Hans-Christian Kolberg, Carla E Schulmeyer, Manfred Welslau, Friedrich Overkamp, Hans Tesch, Tanja N Fehm, Diana Lüftner, Florian Schütz & Achim Wöckel

abstract The treatment of patients with early breast cancer has always been characterised by escalation by new therapies and de-escalation through identification of better treatment regimens or introduction of better tools to estimate prognosis. Efforts in some of these areas in the last few years have led to solid data. The results of the large studies of de-escalation through use of multi-gene tests are available, as are the results of some studies that investigated the new anti-HER2 substances T-DM1 and pertuzumab in the early treatment situation. Several large-scale studies examining the role of CDK4/6 inhibitors will soon be concluded so innovations can be anticipated in this area also. This review article will summarise and classify the results of the latest publications.
citation Huober J, Schneeweiss A, Hartkopf A D, Müller V, Lux M P, Janni W, Ettl J, Belleville E, Thill M, Fasching P A, Kolberg H C, Schulmeyer C E, Welslau M, Overkamp F, Tesch H, Fehm T N, Lüftner D, Schütz F, Wöckel A. Update Breast Cancer 2020 Part 3 - Early Breast Cancer. Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd 2020; 80:1105-1114.
type journal paper/review (English)
date of publishing 06-11-2020
journal title Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd (80/11)
ISSN print 0016-5751
pages 1105-1114
PubMed 33173238
DOI 10.1055/a-1270-7208