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Favorable Thrombolysis Outcome in Diabetic Stroke Patients treated with Metformin

Laura Philine Westphal, Christian Hametner, Sami Curtze, Christian Nolte, Alexandros Polymeris, Ashraf Eskandari, Mirjam Heldner, Andrea Zini, Jonathan Cautinho, Visnja Padjen, Yannick Béjot, Guillaume Turc, Alessandro Pezzini, Didier Leys, Michael Scherrer, Georg Kägi, Stefan T Engelter & Susanne Wegener


In this multicenter exploratory data analysis, we tested if pretreatment with Metformin positively affects outcome of thrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke patients with diabetes.

Stroke patients pretreated with Metformin receiving thrombolysis had less severe strokes on admission and better functional outcome at 3 months. The effect was Independent of other clinical differences between Metformin users and non-users, as determined by propensity score matching.

Patients with diabetes may benefit from Metformin treatment, particularly if they are at high risk of stroke.
keywords Metformin, diabetes, stroke, thrombolysis
citation Westphal L P, Hametner C, Curtze S, Nolte C, Polymeris A, Eskandari A, Heldner M, Zini A, Cautinho J, Padjen V, Béjot Y, Turc G, Pezzini A, Leys D, Scherrer M, Kägi G, Engelter S T, & Wegener S (2017). Favorable Thrombolysis Outcome in Diabetic Stroke Patients treated with Metformin. In .
type conference paper/poster (English)
name of conference European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC)
date of conference 16-5-2017