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The impact of a hands-on arthrocentesis workshop in undergraduate medical education

Andreas Ladurner, Thomas Nijman, Tiffany K Gill & Peter J Smitham


To evaluate the impact of a training programme for arthrocentesis on procedural skills enhancement and self-confidence in medical students.

Participants were provided a structured workshop on injection models. A self-confidence questionnaire and medical knowledge assessment were performed. Retention of knowledge and skills were assessed at a later time point during a formal OSCE examination and compared to participants who had not attended a lecture and clinical attachments only. P-values, 95% confidence intervals about the mean, standard error of the mean, and standard deviations of the differences were calculated.

All participants gained self-confidence, and improvement of their skills was significant. The mean self-confidence with performing an arthrocentesis procedure increased from 1.3 pre- to 5.9 points post-workshop (10-point Likert scale). The knee was the joint students felt most confident with (1.3 to 6.5 points). Knowledge on the selection of corticosteroid preparations (1.2 to 5.8 points) gained substantially, as well as confidence in providing post-injection advice (1.9 to 6.6 points). Upon the OSCE examination, attendance to the workshop resulted in a significant higher total score (16.2 vs 14.8 points, p < 0.05).

A workshop for arthrocentesis procedures, in conjunction with other learning activities, is well suited to increasing skills and self-confidence in fourth year medical students and allows for developing important baseline knowledge and practicing invasive techniques without risk to a patient.

This trial has been approved by the human research ethics committee of the University of Adelaide (Ethics approval No H-2019-134).
citation Ladurner A, Nijman T, Gill T K, Smitham P J. The impact of a hands-on arthrocentesis workshop in undergraduate medical education. BMC Med Educ 2020; 20:260.
type journal paper/review (English)
date of publishing 10-08-2020
journal title BMC Med Educ (20/1)
ISSN electronic 1472-6920
pages 260
PubMed 32778172
DOI 10.1186/s12909-020-02174-6