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Novel Method for Loading Microporous Ceramics Bone Grafts by Using a Directional Flow

Michael Seidenstuecker, Steffen Kissling, Juergen Ruehe, Norbert P Suedkamp, Hermann O Mayr & Anke Bernstein

abstract The aim of this study was the development of a process for filling the pores of a β-tricalcium phosphate ceramic with interconnected porosity with an alginate hydrogel. For filling of the ceramics, solutions of alginate hydrogel precursors with suitable viscosity were chosen as determined by rheometry. For loading of the porous ceramics with the gel the samples were placed at the flow chamber and sealed with silicone seals. By using a vacuum induced directional flow, the samples were loaded with alginate solutions. The loading success was controlled by ESEM and fluorescence imaging using a fluorescent dye (FITC) for staining of the gel. After loading of the pores, the alginate is transformed into a hydrogel through crosslinking with CaClâ‚‚ solution. The biocompatibility of the obtained composite material was tested with a live dead cell staining by using MG-63 Cells. The loading procedure via vacuum assisted directional flow allowed complete filling of the pores of the ceramics within a few minutes (10 ± 3 min) while loading through simple immersion into the polymer solution or through a conventional vacuum method only gave incomplete filling.
citation Seidenstuecker M, Kissling S, Ruehe J, Suedkamp N P, Mayr H O, Bernstein A. Novel Method for Loading Microporous Ceramics Bone Grafts by Using a Directional Flow. J Funct Biomater 2015; 6:1085-98.
type journal paper/review (English)
date of publishing 21-12-2015
journal title J Funct Biomater (6/4)
ISSN electronic 2079-4983
pages 1085-98
PubMed 26703749
DOI 10.3390/jfb6041085