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Injuring potential of drinking glasses

Vera Sterzik, Beat P Kneubuehl, Dirk Ropohl & Michael Bohnert

abstract At a party of a sports club, an argument started between two groups of young men, in the course of which one of the persons involved threw a beer glass hitting a young man of the other group, who collapsed with a profusely bleeding wound. Although resuscitation measures were initiated immediately, the victim died at the scene due to exsanguination from the completely severed left external carotid artery in combination with the aspiration of blood. Tests with drinking glasses thrown at a skull-neck model suggested that an undamaged beer glass thrown at the head of the victim could not cause the fatal injuries on the neck because of its splintering behaviour. In fact, it seemed that the beer glass had been damaged prior to throwing it and that its sharp edges perforated the skin on hitting the neck.
citation Sterzik V, Kneubuehl B P, Ropohl D, Bohnert M. Injuring potential of drinking glasses. Forensic Sci Int 2008; 179:e19-23.
type journal paper/review (English)
date of publishing 03-06-2008
journal title Forensic Sci Int (179/2-3)
ISSN electronic 1872-6283
pages e19-23
PubMed 18524515
DOI 10.1016/j.forsciint.2008.04.011