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Heart failure in patients admitted for acute coronary syndromes: A report from a large national registry

Raban V Jeger, Otmar Pfister, Dragana Radovanovic, Franz R Eberli, Hans Rickli, Philip Urban, Giovanni Pedrazzini, Jean-Christophe Stauffer, Jörg Nossen, Paul Erne & AMIS-Plus Investigators


Data on temporal trends of heart failure (HF) in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) are scarce.

Improved treatment options may have led to lower case-fatality rates (CFRs) during the last years in ACS complicated by HF.

Patients of the nationwide Acute Myocardial Infarction in Switzerland (AMIS)-Plus ACS registry were analyzed from 2000 to 2014.

Of 36 366 ACS patients, 3376 (9.3%) had acute or chronic HF, 2111 (5.8%) de novo acute HF (AHF), 964 (2.7%) chronic HF (CHF), and 301 (0.8%) acute decompensated CHF (ADCHF). In-hospital CFRs were highest in patients with ADCHF (32.6%) and de novo AHF (29.7%), followed by patients with CHF (12.9%) and without HF (3.2%, P < 0.001). Although in-hospital CFRs gradually decreased in CHF patients (14.3% to 4.5%, P = 0.003) and patients without HF (3.5% to 2.2%, P < 0.001), they remained high in patients with ADCHF (36.4% to 40.0%, P = 0.45) and de novo AHF (50.0% to 29.4%, P = 0.37). Although there was an increase in specific ACS therapies in the cohort over time, ACS patients with HF received significantly less pharmacological and interventional ACS therapies than patients without HF. There was no significant change in HF medication rates except less frequent use of β-blockers and diuretics in de novo AHF patients in recent years.

HF is present in 1 out of 10 patients presenting with ACS and is associated with high in-hospital CFRs, particularly in acute HF. Although advances in ACS therapy improved in-hospital CFRs in patients with no HF or CHF, CFRs remained unchanged and high in patients with acute HF and ACS over the last decade.
citation Jeger R V, Pfister O, Radovanovic D, Eberli F R, Rickli H, Urban P, Pedrazzini G, Stauffer J C, Nossen J, Erne P, AMIS-Plus Investigators . Heart failure in patients admitted for acute coronary syndromes: A report from a large national registry. Clin Cardiol 2017; 40:907-913.
type journal paper/review (English)
date of publishing 09-06-2017
journal title Clin Cardiol (40/10)
ISSN electronic 1932-8737
pages 907-913
PubMed 28598569
DOI 10.1002/clc.22745