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Donor-specific B Cell Memory in Alloimmunized Kidney Transplant Recipients: First Clinical Application of a Novel Method

Caroline Wehmeier, Gonca E Karahan, Juliette Krop, Yvonne De Vaal, Janneke Langerak-Langerak, Isabelle Binet, Stefan Schaub, Dave L Roelen, Frans H J Claas, Sebastiaan Heidt & Swiss Transplant Cohort Study


HLA-specific memory B cells may contribute to the serum HLA antibody pool upon antigen reexposure. The aim of this pilot study was to investigate the presence of concurrent donor-specific memory B cell-derived HLA antibodies (DSA-M) in renal allograft recipients with pretransplant donor-specific HLA antibodies (DSA) and its association with occurrence of antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) using a recently developed method.

Twenty patients with Luminex single antigen bead (SAB) assay-defined DSA but negative complement-dependent cytotoxicity crossmatches were enrolled. Plasma samples and peripheral blood mononuclear cells were collected at 3 timepoints (pretransplant, mo 6, mo 12). We analyzed IgG-purified and concentrated culture supernatants from polyclonally activated peripheral blood mononuclear cells using SAB assays and compared HLA antibody profiles with same day plasma results.

Plasma SAB analysis revealed 35 DSA in 20 patients pretransplant. DSA-M were detected in 9 of 20 (45%) patients and for 10 of 35 specificities (29%). While median mean fluorescence intensity values of DSA with concurrent DSA-M (5877) were higher than those of DSA without DSA-M (1476), 3 of 6 patients with AMR and low mean fluorescence intensity DSA (<3000) had DSA-M. Overall, pretransplant DSA/DSA-Mpos allograft recipients showed a higher incidence of biopsy-proven (sub)clinical AMR (P = 0.032) and a higher extent (g≥1 + ptc≥1) of microvascular inflammation (67% vs 9%, P = 0.02). In 17 patients (28 DSA) with posttransplant analyses, persisting DSA posttransplant had more often DSA-M (6/12; 50%) than nonpersisting DSA (2/16; 13%).

Assessment of DSA-M might be a novel tool to supplement serum HLA antibody analysis for pretransplant risk stratification in patients with DSA.
citation Wehmeier C, Karahan G E, Krop J, De Vaal Y, Langerak-Langerak J, Binet I, Schaub S, Roelen D L, Claas F H J, Heidt S, Swiss Transplant Cohort Study . Donor-specific B Cell Memory in Alloimmunized Kidney Transplant Recipients: First Clinical Application of a Novel Method. Transplantation 2020; 104:1026-1032.
type journal paper/review (English)
date of publishing 2020
journal title Transplantation (104/5)
ISSN electronic 1534-6080
pages 1026-1032
PubMed 31397804
DOI 10.1097/TP.0000000000002909