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The varus ankle and instability

Georg Klammer, Emanuel Benninger & Norman Espinosa

abstract Varus ankle associated with instability can be simple or complex. Multiple underlying diseases may contribute to this complex pathologic entity. These conditions should be recognized when attempting proper decision-making. Treatment options range from conservative measures to surgical reconstruction. Whereas conservative treatment might be a possible approach for patients with simple varus ankle instability, more complex instabilities require extensive surgical reconstructions. However, adequate diagnostic workup and accurate analysis of varus ankle instability provide a base for the successful treatment outcome.
citation Klammer G, benninger e, Espinosa N. The varus ankle and instability. Foot Ankle Clin 2012; 17:57-82.
type journal paper/review (English)
date of publishing 13-3-2012
journal title Foot Ankle Clin (17/1)
ISSN electronic 1558-1934
pages 57-82
PubMed 22284552
DOI 10.1016/j.fcl.2011.11.003