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Calcaneal Ossoscopy

Andreas Toepfer, Ulrich Lenze & Norbert Harrasser

Kurzfassung Both unicameral bone cysts and intraosseous lipoma of the calcaneus are rare entities that are mostly diagnosed because of unspecific heel pain, pathologic fracture, or as incidental finding. Minimally invasive ossoscopy with endoscopic resection of the tumor followed by grafting can potentially minimize risks of open surgery and speed up convalescence. We present our modifications to previously described techniques of endoscopic curettage with a particular focus on intraosseous lipoma and allogenic grafting. The key point for grafting is the use of a funnel-shaped ear speculum facilitating the plombage with allogenic cancellous bone chips. Compared with its alternatives, grafting with allogenic cancellous bone might prove favorable in this localization for several reasons: osteointegration, handling, availability, and costs. The objective of this technical note is to present a simple, safe, and cost-effective surgical technique for endoscopic surgical treatment of benign osteolytic lesions of the calcaneus.
Zitation Toepfer A, Lenze U, Harrasser N. Calcaneal Ossoscopy. Arthrosc Tech 2016; 5:e627-31.
Typ Wissenschaftlicher Artikel/Review (Englisch)
Veröffentlichungsdatum 20-06-2016
Titel der Zeitschrift Arthrosc Tech (5/3)
ISSN print 2212-6287
Seiten e627-31
PubMed 27656388
DOI 10.1016/j.eats.2016.02.017