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Radiotherapy Treatment Interruption Compensation Calculator for Android Based Mobile Devices

Paul Martin Putora, Juergen Fornaro, Johann Schiefer, Detlef Brügge & Ludwig Plasswilm

abstract Objective: Interruptions during the course of radiotherapy are a relevant
problem. Often the number of days left, including the weekends, does
not allow for an equivalent compensation. Depending on the
circumstances calculations may be strenious. We developed an Android
based tool for the calculation of the compensatory daily dose based on
existing guidelines.
Materials and Methods: The developed Java tool runs on mobile
devices running the Google Android operating system. The tool is based
on the classic Model-Controller-View model. The View is specifically
designed as an Android application. The formulas recommended by the
Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) were used as a basis for the
Results: The Android based tool could be developed within several days
and provided the option of entering the already applied treatment, the
original prescribed treatment and the days left for compensation. The
tool provided the recommended (RCR) dose for remaining daily
fractions. Additionally the tool calculated the expected influence on late
effects of normal tissues in percent based on a comparison of BED3
values for the new proposed treatment and the originally planned
Conclusion: The feasibility of development of a custom java based
Android compatible tool was proven. The software provided a portable,
simple, quick and internet-indepentent solution for compensatory dose
citation Putora P M, Fornaro J, Schiefer J, Brügge D, & Plasswilm L (2011). Radiotherapy Treatment Interruption Compensation Calculator for Android Based Mobile Devices. In SASRO 2011 final programm (pp. 16).
type conference paper/poster (English)
name of conference SASRO 2011 (Geneva)
date of conference 31-3-2011
title of proceedings SASRO 2011 final programm
pages 16
contact Paul Martin Putora