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BRAF and MEK inhibition for the treatment of advanced BRAF mutant melanoma

Juliet Richman, Juan Martin-Liberal, Stefan Diem & James Larkin


BRAF inhibition alone has achieved unprecedented efficacy results in patients affected by BRAF-mutated advanced melanoma. Since these findings, it was postulated that dual inhibition of BRAF and other components of the RAS/RAF/MEK/ERK MAPK pathway (such as MEK) would be superior to BRAF inhibition as monotherapy. A series of recent clinical trials have confirmed this hypothesis.

In this article, the biological rationale for both single and concomitant inhibitions of the MAPK pathway in BRAF mutant melanoma is provided. Moreover, available clinical data on the efficacy and toxicity of BRAF and MEK inhibition as single agents and in combination are extensively reviewed.

Dual BRAF and MEK inhibition in advanced BRAF-mutated melanoma is superior to single inhibition in terms of efficacy without significant increase in toxicity. Therefore, BRAF plus MEK inhibition is expected to supersede single-agent BRAF inhibition in these patients in the near future.
citation Richman J, Martin-Liberal J, Diem S, Larkin J. BRAF and MEK inhibition for the treatment of advanced BRAF mutant melanoma. Expert Opin Pharmacother 2015; 16:1285-97.
type journal paper/review (English)
date of publishing 6-2015
journal title Expert Opin Pharmacother (16/9)
ISSN electronic 1744-7666
pages 1285-97
PubMed 26001180
DOI 10.1517/14656566.2015.1044971