Kantonsspital St.Gallen


persons with starting letter [P]

name title position unit  
Portocarrero Vivero-Fäh, Bettina Dr. med. ZNA
Plasswilm, Ludwig Prof. Dr. RO
Peters, Samuel RO
Panje, Cédric RO
Putora, Paul Martin PD Dr. med. PhD MA BSc Leitender Arzt RO
Padberg, Sgier Dr. PI
Potocnik, Primoz Dr. med. ORTHO
Puskas, Gabor Dr. med. ORTHO
Perez Shibayama, Christian Dr. IMMBIO
Pikor, Natalia PhD IMMBIO
Putora, geb. Estermann, Katharina Dr. med. FRA
Pallas, Andreas Dr. AUG
Poloczek, Alexander Dr. med. ANGIO
Pietsch, Urs Dr. med. EDIC / DESA Oberarzt mbF AN
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