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Phoniatrics I (European Manual of Medicine) : Fundamentals - Voice Disorders - Disorders of Language and Hearing Development

Jochen Rosenfeld

abstract This is the first of two volumes that draw on the specialized insights and extensive clinical experience of phoniatric experts in order to offer a basis for the development of concerted European training standards in phoniatrics, with the goal of guaranteeing a high quality of care for European patients in all age groups. The interdisciplinary character of phoniatrics is mirrored in the inclusion of valuable contributions from a range of other medical and non-medical disciplines. This volume focuses on voice disorders and disorders of language and hearing development. In each case a wide range of particular kinds of communication loss are considered. Basic aspects are fully addressed, and guidance provided on diagnostic methods, differential diagnosis, prevention, treatment/rehabilitation, and prognosis. An introductory section also discusses the fundamentals of phoniatrics. The reader will benefit from numerous color photos and tables as well as supplementary electronic material, including audio and video examples. This book is intended for residents and practitioners in phoniatrics and also for ENT physicians, medical students, logopedists, and speech and language pathologists and therapists.
citation Rosenfeld J (2020). Phoniatrics I (European Manual of Medicine): Fundamentals - Voice Disorders - Disorders of Language and Hearing Development. In am Zehnhoff-Dinnesen A, Wiskirska Woznica B, Neumann K, & Nawka T (Eds.), Questionnaires on Child Development (pp. 624-626). Berlin: Springer Verlag GmbH Germany.
type book chapter (English)
book title Questionnaires on Child Development
editor Antoinette Am Zehnhoff-Dinnesen, Bozena Wiskirska Woznica, Katrin Neumann, Tadeus Nawka
date of publishing 2020
publisher Springer Verlag GmbH Germany (Berlin)
series title European Manual of Medicine
ISBN number 978-3-662-46779-4
pages 624-626
contact Jochen Rosenfeld